Pathway Action Plans

With increased movement of people and goods around the world, there is an increased introduction of alien (non-native) species to new areas where they can become invasive. Therefore actions to help reduce the risk of further introductions is required. Key to this, is knowing how the invasive species are likely to be introduced and acting to prevent further introductions through those pathways.

Pathways are the routes and mechanisms of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species (IAS). The purpose of Pathway Action Plans is to raise public awareness as well as to set out actions to prevent unintentional introductions by minimizing the contamination of goods, commodities, vehicles and equipment by IAS, and ensuring appropriate checks at EU Union borders.

Three pathway action plans are currently under development in Ireland for the following pathways:

Recreational boating and watercraft
Movement of soil and spoil
These Pathway Action Plans (PAPs) are three in a series of plans that will be developed to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of invasive alien species in Ireland.

CONSULTATION NOTICE: the following draft pathway action plans are now available for public consultation from 09 December 2021 to 01 February 2022.