Pathway Action Plans

With increased movement of people and goods around the world, there is an increased introduction of alien (non-native) species to new areas where they can become invasive. Therefore actions to help reduce the risk of further introductions is required. Key to this, is knowing how the invasive species are likely to be introduced and acting … Continued


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Explore your shore

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is today launching a new marine citizen science project called ‘Explore Your Shore! The project focuses on recording intertidal and coastal marine plant and animal species, and building a network of active marine biodiversity recorders in Ireland. The records obtained will improve our knowledge of marine species distributions around the … Continued

Explore your shore

Welcome to Explore Your Shore, a new citizen science project run by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and funded by the EPA. Explore Your Shore is aimed at increasing levels of biodiversity data recording around the coast of Ireland, while exploring the use of intertidal species as bio-indicators of water quality and climate change. Our … Continued


Species Alert for: Coypu (Myocastor coypus) First issued: May 2017 Status: Active – please report suspected sightings without delay. View and distribute Coypu Species Alert poster Issued by: National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Reason for issue: Public call for people to report suspected sightings of the invasive Coypu. Rapid response initiated in October 2016 … Continued